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Laser Projection Capability

Laser Projection Layout

Laser trackers and Laser Projectors are used for performing real-time marking of new plant equipment. If you are retrofitting, replacing, or upgrading an existing facility, there is an even larger requirement for information, such as current machinery, robots, tools, fixtures, gantries, power supplies, pipework, walkways, barriers, cranes, fences, tanks, silos, etc. Mapping these constraints in 2D (floor plan) or 3D allows for the design, and to modify and plan the installation of any new equipment.

CAD Based Inspection

CAD Based Inspection

Portable measurement devices simplify the implementation of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and provide efficient, easy-to-use solutions for CAD-based 3D inspections and nominal comparisons. With the help of measurement arms and laser trackers, we can utilize CAD overlays to check complex geometry against design or CAD comparison to evaluate deviations in surface form and ensure every part is machined to an exacting tolerance.

Unified Spatial Metrology Networks

USMN (Unified Spatial Metrology Networks)

Unified Spatial Metrology Network provides answers to measurement uncertainty issues in an easy to use and understand environment. Large-scale measurement processes require more than a single measurement instrument. Examples include commercial airplane production and shipbuilding. These applications necessitate either a combination of various measurement devices or the relocation of a single instrument throughout the measurement volume in order to acquire the necessary data.

Unified Spatial Metrology Network (USMN) brings together all in-use metrology instruments and combines their instrument uncertainties in a bundle adjustment for highly precise position determinations.

In doing so, the integrated optimization algorithms calculate a posteriori uncertainties of individual instrument types used as well as for adjusted point coordinates in the instrument networks.

Floor Survey

Floor Survey

Based on the established Wave-Form Digitizer technology behind some high-end surveying tools, our equipment is powered by the first ever Scanning Absolute Distance Meter, a metrology-grade iteration of this technical principle that can locate a point to within 300 microns from up to 60 meters away. This allows us to take survey points at exact interval with very high precision. Then we can develop a color map showing any increment of elevation change.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is becoming a more popular method of creating a 3D model of a part without existing CAD files. Reverse engineering reconstructs classic designs and implements new ones. It can generate lost or absent design documentation and update or create as-built documentation. Create CAD data from an existing part or prototype. Compare measured data to your existing CAD model to ensure dimensional integrity.

Using non-contact 3D laser scanning and 3D documentation solutions integrate 3D modeling processes into a single step. They can provide virtual simulations of automotive interiors, support rapid prototyping in plastics manufacturing and inspect composite surfaces in aerospace assembly.



Laser Trackers are ideal for many tasks such as machine tool alignment, roller and press alignment, conveyance alignments, jig and fixture alignment or CMM alignment. Misalignments can cause machine downtime and significantly decrease machine performance as well as increased machine vibration, bearing and coupling failures, unwanted equipment downtime and even increased power consumption.

BIM 3D Laser Scanning

BIM (3D Laser Scanning)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is more than just a 3D model. BIM is a process of creating and managing building data throughout the building’s entire life cycle. BIM encompasses not only the geometry and spatial relationships (i.e. the 3D model), but also features about the building such as the specific information about the type of materials used, the quantity used, and how those characteristics impact the building as a whole. BIM can be thought of as a database of information ranging from project cost management to the “as-built” 3D model after construction on through the operation of the facility which can be used to actively manage the process every step of the way.

Dimensional Measurement Services Overview

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R&E Automated is an internationally recognized leader in the automation, engineering and prototype build industries servicing over 500 customers worldwide. Our team offers the most comprehensive services to the automation community with efficiency and precision.


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