Welding/Joining Lab Services


R&E Engineering Services is a full-service resistance and arc welding laboratory with integrated material preparation, metallographic, non-destructive evaluation, and material property capabilities. The lab is also well-versed in industry standard weldability testing as specified in AWS, JIS, SEP and ISO standards.

  • Testing services
    • Material weldability testing
    • Arc and resistance weld schedule development and testing
    • Computerized mechanical testing
    • Complete metallographic capabilities
    • Procurement of low strength to ultra-high strength steel and aluminum coupons
    • Radiographic and ultrasonic non-destructive testing
  • Material services
    • Material characterization evaluations of low strength to ultra-high strength steels such as HSLA, DP, CP, TRIP, Martensitic, PHS (Boron), and Gen3
    • Stainless steel, aluminum, and other ferrous and nonferrous materials can also be evaluated
  • Metallography services
    • Production or professional quality weld cross-sections
    • Weld size measurements
    • Microhardness testing

Welding robots


R&E weld engineers perform engineering evaluations and analyses. Our engineers thoroughly perform material evaluations, design reviews, operations support, safety analysis, engineering methods and software development. We also analyze our customers’ procedures and systems for quality control. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Weld Engineering Capabilities
    • Gas Metal Arc Welding—Process and quality improvements, production support, Lincoln, Miller, SKS, Fronius
    • CWIs—Combat vehicle codes and military standards, experience with all national standards
    • Resistance Spot Welding—Process and quality improvements, throughput, expulsion reduction, design support, production support, Bosch, Medar, WTC and Matuschek
  • Verification Capabilities
    • Metallographic Prototype or Production Verification—4 complete examination stations available with a trained technician. Available for off-site support if required.
    • Non-Destructive—Tessonics Resistance Spot Weld Analyzers with trained operators. Available for off-site support if required.
    • Physical Destruct—Capable of complete BIW destructs with detailed reporting.

R&E Automated

Global Reach

R&E Automated is an internationally recognized leader in the automation, engineering and prototype build industries servicing over 500 customers worldwide. Our team offers the most comprehensive services to the automation community with efficiency and precision.